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  • Budget Allocation
  • Staff
  • Fee Structure


With the inception of University of Health Sciences, Lahore in September 2002 after the promulgation of UHS Ordinance 2002, the Finance Branch of the University came into existence. This branch was assigned the vital tasks of preparation of budget, maintenance of accounts of receipts and expenditure and enforcement of strict financial discipline. This branch was to play a colossal role in the development and ramification of the University. The financial control on the expenditure of a newly established entity is vital. E-mail: financedept@uhs.edu.pk


This Branch undertakes different activities with regard to the University. All accounts of the University have been computerized and the accounts regarding receipts and payments of the University are maintained in a manner prescribed by the Government. The receipts and expenditure are reconciled with Treasury Office, Lahore and bank statements on monthly basis. An expenditure statement is prepared on monthly basis and sent to Vice Chancellor and Health Department for information.

The Finance Branch also pre-audits the payment of remunerations to the paper-setters, paper-assessors, examiners etc. It also deals with the refund cases of the students. All payments relating to salary, T.A., D.A. etc. of the employees of the UHS are made by the Finance Branch of the University. This branch is also responsible for coordinating the conduct of statutory audit and the replies of audit paras afterward.

Last but not the least, a sound financial system equipped with internal controls and plausible financial management can prove an iron wall against internal and external threats to a public sector entity.

Future Plans

  • The existing system of on-the-spot payment to paper assessors in the Examination Branch is working well and is meeting the current requirements. However, its is planned to further enhance the system to facilitate the working of the department.

  • It is being planned to carry on a series of staff development workshops with the collaboration of leading financial institutions in the market to polish the skills of the staff and enhance their output.

  • Strengthening the workforce by appointing more professionals from the market to further enhance the working and performance of the finance department.


The working of the finance department is strengthened by

  • Setup of a cheque verifying body which ensures that, every payment to any claimant/party may be made through cross-cheque.

  • The record of receipts and expenditure has been computerized. All receipts and expenditure are fed into computer on daily basis.

Budget Allocation

BUDGET ESTIMATES 2013-2014, 2014-2015 & 2015-2016
A01 - Employee Related Expenses 123,280,678 115,754,831 165,647,992 138,982,242 185,352,961
A03 - Operating Expenses 61,907,000 67,353,182 71,830,000 65,884,557 74,835,000
A06 - Transfers 16,000,000 23,593,415 24,300,000 22,564,070 25,300,000
A09 - Physical Assets 29,444,000 31,944,132 39,400,000 30,527,718 48,350,000
A12 - Civil Works 200,000,000 81,021,831 200,000,000 206,776,223 300,000,000
A13 - Repairs and Maintenance 8,050,000 11,777,306 8,300,000 9,115,313 12,300,000
A0-Conduct of Examinations 75,000,000 60,508,974 70,000,000 86,717,565 95,000,000
- Miscellaneous Expenditure (Convocation, University Research Fund, Extra Curricular Activities, CPD, International Linkages & NewPrograms) 8,300,000 1,176,086 7,500,000 886,703 6,700,000
GRAND TOTAL : 521,981,678 393,129,757 586,977,992 561,454,391 747,837,961


  • Muhammad Awais,
    Resident Auditor
    Ph: +92 42-111 333 366 Ext: 316

  • Mujahid Iqbal,
    Budget & Accounts Officer
    Ph: +92 42-111 333 366 Ext: 303

  • Adeel Younus,
    Office Superitendent

  • Muhammad Farooq Aslam,
    Assistant Accounts Officer

  • Imran Rashid ,
    Assistant Accounts Officer

  • Muhammad Suhaib Mehmood ,

  • Akbar,
    Assistant Accounts Officer
Fee Structure of degrees, certificates, migration, etc.
Sr.# Name of Activity Fee
1. Issuance of duplicate result card (all types) Rs. 1,000/-
2. Issuance of duplicate degree (all types) Rs. 8,000/- + Printing Charges
3. Change of Supervisor/Faculty Rs. 5,000/- (per candidate)
4. Change of practical examination date Rs. 2,000/- (per candidate)
5. Migration fee for public sector colleges Rs. 2,000/- (per candidate)
6. Migration fee for private sector colleges Rs. 10,000/- (per candidate)
7. Re-checking of result Rs. 2,500/- (per subject)
8. Verification of Documents (all types) Rs. 1,000/- per document/ per candidate
9. Correction of documents (all types) Rs. 1,000/- per document/ per candidate
10. Appeal against decision Rs. 1,500/- per candidate
11. Change of centre when permissible Rs. 5,000/- per candidate
12. Examination fee (after the last date for the submission of admission forms) (double fee)
Examination Fee
Sr.# Name of Course Examination Fee
1 M.B.B.S Rs. 5,000/-
2 B.D.S Rs. 5,000/-
3 Pharm-D Rs. 5,000/-
4 DPT Rs. 5,000/-
5 tDPT Rs. 5,500/-
6 B.Sc Rs. 3,500/-
7 M. Phil Rs. 7,000/-
8 M.Sc Rs. 4,000/-
9 Postgraduate Diplomas, MPH Rs. 5,500/-
10 M.D., M.S., M.D.S. Rs. 13,000/-
11 MHPE Rs. 7,000/-

Registration Fee for Private Medical & Dental Colleges Rs 15,000/- Per Student