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UHS Fulltime Faculty

UHS Fulltime Faculty
Sr.# Full Name Designation Qualification
Institute of Biomedical & Allied Health Sciences
1 Dr. Saqib Mahmood Associate Professor of Genetics
(under Tenure Track) /
Head of the Institute
MBBS (AIMC), M.Sc (Brunel, UK),
PhD (QAU) (Medical Genetics)
2 Dr. Irfan Ahmad Assistant Professor (Molecular Infection Medicine) B.Sc MLT (PU), M.Sc (UAAR)
PhD (Karolinska, Sweden),
Post Doc. (Karolinska, Sweden)
Post Doc. (Umea, Sweden)
3 Ms. Osheen Sajjad Lecturer M.Phil (Molecular Pathology & Cytogenetics)
4 Mr. Syed Mohsin Raza Bokhari Lecturer M.Phil (Molecular Biology & Molecular Virology)
Department of Anatomy
1 Dr. Alia Amin Lecturer MBBS, MPhil(Anatomy), MSc. Medical Education
2 Dr. Uruj Zehra Assistant Professor Ph.D (Anatomy)
Department of Biochemistry
1 Dr. Farhat Bano Associate Professor / Head of Deparment MPhil, Ph.D (Biochemistry)
2 Dr. Nasir Mehmood Assistant Professor MPhil, Ph.D (Molecular Biology)
3 Ikram Ullah Assistant Professor (IPFP) Ph.D (Biochemistry)
4 Mansoor Ghani Assistant Professor MBBS, M.Phil (Biochemistry)
5 Mr. Shabbir Hussain Lecturer MSc, M.Phil
Dept of Chemical Pathology
1 Dr. Syeda Sumbla Ghaznavi Assistant Professor / Head of Department MBBS, M.Phil (Chemical Pathology)
2 Prof. Dr. Rubina Mansoor Professor FCPS
3 Ms. Nadia Rasheed Lecturer M.Phil (Biochemistry)
Department of Family Medicine
1 Prof. Dr. Abdul Nasir Shah Professor FCPS (Family Medicine)
2 Dr.Usman Jawad Assistant Professor MBBS, MRCGP (UK)
Department of Forensic Sciences
1 Dr Allah Rakha Tenured Associate Professor Ph.D
Department of Haematology
1 Prof. Dr. Shahida Mohsin Professor /
Head of Department
MBBS, MS(Belgium), FCPS
2 Dr. Nazish Mazari Assistant Professor FCPS (Haematology)
3 Ghulam Mustafa Lecturer M.Phil MLS (Haematotechnology)
4 Ms. Khansa Qamar Lecturer M.Phil(Haematology)
Department of Human Genetics & Molecular Biology
1 Dr Shagufta Khaliq Professor / Head of Department M.Sc (Pb), Ph.D (Pb)
2 Dr. Ghayyor Ahmed Assistant Professor Ph.D
3 Dr Munir Ahmad Assitant Professor Ph.D
Department of Immunology
1 Dr. Nadeem Afzal Professor /
Head of Department
MBBS, M.SC (Medical Immunology),
2 Dr. Shahjahan Assistant Professor Immunology
/ Cell Culture Lab
Ph.D (Molecular Biology)
3 Rommeza Tahir Assistant Professor Ph.D (Immunology)
4 Khursheed Javaid Lecturer
Department of Morbid Anatomy & Histopathology
1 Dr. Nadia Naseem Professor / Head of Morbid Anatomy & Histopathology MBBS, M.Phil, Ph.D
Department of Mircrobiology
1 Dr. Sidrah Saleem Associate Professor /
Head of Department
MBBS, M.Phil, Ph.D
2 Muhammad Imran Assistant Professor Ph.D Virology
3 Dr. Ali Ahmad Lecturer MBBS, MS
Department of Medical Education
1 Prof. I. A. Naveed Director /
Professor of Pathology
2 Dr. Umaira Ahsan Lecturer MBBS(Pb), M.Phil
Department of Nursing
1 Ms. Samina Kausar Associate Professor Post RN, MSN
2 Ms. Nazia Ilyas Assistant Professor MSN, B.Sc Hons (UK), B.Sc (PU)
3 Ms. Ruqia Begum Assistant Professor M.Sc (Nursing)
Department of Oral Biology
1 Dr. Sarah Ghafoor Assistant Professor Ph.D
Department of Oral Pathlogy
1 Dr. Saima Chaudhary Assistant Professor BDS, Ph.D
2 Dr. Rabia Anjum Lecturer BDS, M.Phil
Department of Pharmacology
1 Dr. Muhammad Shahzad Associate Professor /
Head of Department
M.Phil, Ph.D
2 Dr. Ali Rafi Lecturer Ph.D (Biochemistry)
Department of Physiology & Cell Biology
1 Asima Karim Associate Professor / Head of Department MBBS (Pb), M.Phil (UHS), Ph.D
2 Gulfam Ahmad Baryar (on leave) Assistant Professor M.Phil, MCE, MRD (Paris), DIU,
Ph.D (Tououse, France),
Post Doc. (Germany)
3 Dr. Saba Khaliq Assistant Professor M.Sc (GCU), Ph.D (Pb),
Post Doc. (Germany)
4 Dr. Asma Salam Lecturer MBBS (Punjab), MS (Netherlands)
Department of Psychiatry
1 Dr. Muhammad Mujtaba Assistant Professor MBBs, MSc, FCPS, MCPS
Department of Behavioral Sciences
1 Dr. Muhammad Mujtaba Assistant Professor / Head of Department MBBs, MSc, FCPS, MCPS
Note:- The list has been uploaded after verification by the Department of Admin & Coordination.
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