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Academic Calendar for M.Phil Program 2015 - 2016

M.Phil Program 2016 - 2016
1. Commencement of Major and 1st Minor Course Subjects 12th January 2015
2. Finishing of the Course Work of the Subject. November 2015
3. Submission of Synopsis for Review Board Up to 31st July 2015
4. Approval of Synopsis by AS&RB. Up to 15th November 2015.
5. Summative Examinations (Major + l " Minor) 2nd week of December 2015.
6. Start of the Experimental/Research Minor Course Work. 1st week of February 2016.
7. Submission of Thesis for Evaluation Up to October 2016.
8. Defence of Theses As soon as the cases mature for defence according to University regulation.
9. Examinations of 2nd Minor 3rd/4th Week of December 2016.

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