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Chemical Pathology (also known as Clinical Biochemistry/Clinical Chemistry) is the study of the biochemical basic of disease and the application of biochemical and molecular techniques in diagnosis. The data generated by the laboratory plus the interpretation of this data assist the clinician in diagnosis and definition of disease with biochemical etiology and secondary biochemical manifestation providing a rationale for subsequent management.

The University of Health Sciences offers two programs in department of Chemical Pathology.

  • M.Phil Chemical Pathology (Basic Sciences)
  • M.Phil Medical Laboratory Sciences (Chemical Pathology)

We aim to train our students in clinical services, educational and research roles.


The post graduate programme at University of Health Sciences aspires to train its students in area of

  • Laboratory principles.
  • Laboratory operations.
  • Analytical techniques and instrumentation.
  • Analysis and Pathophysiology of classical analytes.
  • Molecular diagnosis.

The department is equipped with a well-established laboratory containing automated and semi-automated analysers, hormone analyser and PCR equipment.


To start Ph.D programme in the department.

Research Projects (Completed & Ongoing)

Students Research Projects (Completed)

  • Ghrelin Levels in Obese Children of Type 2 Diabetic Parents and its Correlation with Risk Parameters of Metabolic Syndrome ( Dr. Fauzia Sadiq)
  • Reference Ranges of Trace Elements (Fe, Zn & Cu) in Adult Population (20- 29 years) of Lahore (Dr. Warda Hussain)
  • Genetic polymorphism in FTO gene in polycystic ovary syndrome patients ( Ms Sobia Rizwan)

Students Research Projects (In Progress)
  • Anti Mullerian hormone as a marker of ovarian dysfunction and insulin resistance in PCOS patients ( Ms Sidra Javed)
  • Estimation of Serum Uric Acid concentration in young adults ( Mr Abdul Salam)
  • Serum Level Of Resistin And Resistin Gene -420c>G Polymorphism In Patients Of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (Mr. Yasar Nawaz)
  • Serum resistin levels in obese and non obese patients of PCOs (Miss Zara Hussain)

Research Publications

Year 2013

  1. Fauzia Sadiq1, Nadeem Hameed2, Asim Mumtaz1, Farzana yasmeen1, Tauqqer butt1 and Khurshid Ahmad khan3 Ghrelin levels in obese children of diabetic parents ISSN: xxxx-xxxx Vol. 1 (1), pp. 044-049, December, 2013. © Global Science Research Journals

Year 2014

  1. Warda Hussain,1 Asim Mumtaz,2 Farzana Yasmeen,3 Sana Qayyum Khan,4 and Toqeer Butt5 Reference range of zinc in adult population (20-29 years) of Lahore, Pakistan Pak J Med Sci. 2014 May-Jun; 30(3): 545-548.doi: 10.12669/pjms.303.4027
  2. Fakhar un Nisa1, Asim Mumtaz1, Muhammad Ikram Ullah2, Muhammed Atif1, Waqas Sami3 Determination of serum zinc and magnesium levels in patients with hypothyroidism, Trace Elements and Electrolytes, Volume 31 - 2nd quarter (43 - 47)


Dr. Sumbla Ghaznavi
  • Assistant professor and Head of Department
  • MBBS, M.Phil Chemical Pathology

Prof. Dr. Rubina Mansoor
  • Professor
  • FCPS

Ms. Nadia Rasheed
  • Lecturer
  • M.Phil (Biochemistry)

Haji Muhammd Rashid
  • Teaching & Research fellow:
  • B.Sc hons (MLT)

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