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University of Health Sciences started its Masters in Nursing program in 2008, the first-ever such program in public sector in Pakistan. The Masters of Science in nursing program is designed to meet the critical need for leaders, advance clinicians, nursing educators, and researchers in nursing. The program is structured around the major components of theory, research, management and clinical practice. The concept of leadership, critical thinking, decision making and planned change are integrated throughout the curriculum.
The Masters of Science in Nursing program has its purpose in the preparation of graduate - level nurses capable of practicing as administrators or advanced practice nurses in a variety of health care settings, to strengthen an area of practice, to apply theory to practice, to apply legal and ethical practices, to apply meaning and understanding in practice and to develop skills of inquiry.


University of Health Sciences was established with the objective of promoting emerging technologies and strengthening neglected fields. It strives to serve the health care community through its commitment to excellent nursing education and advanced nursing practice. The nursing program prepares students of diverse backgrounds to productively contribute to their profession and society and to develop and transmit knowledge regarding nursing practice and the human experience of health, illness and healing.


Masters of Science in nursing will;

  1. Function effectively in advance nursing practice, integrating the art and science of nursing into the advance nursing role.
  2. Function as an effective leader, role model, and advocate for clients in clinical practice and in education.
  3. Synthesize advanced knowledge of the social, political, ethical, technical, cultural, spiritual, environmental, and economic factors influencing the health care system and higher education.
  4. Integrate knowledge of theory and research in advance nursing areas.
  5. Demonstrate accountability and responsibility in developing advanced nursing roles.
  6. Scientifically investigate issues relevant to advanced nursing education and nursing practice.
  7. Evaluate personal achievements, professional growth and excellence in practice.
  8. Pursuit of doctoral education in nursing.


Specializations: Areas of teaching, training and management:
  • Nursing theory and education.
  • Advanced clinical care.
  • Nursing administration and leadership.

Scientific collaboration
In addition to a practical interaction with other departments of basic and clinical sciences within UHS, the Institute also has co-ordination and collaboration in training and research with Xi'an Jiaotong University, China, Aga Khan University, Karachi, Services Institute of Medical Sciences, Lahore and Punjab Institute of Cardiology, Lahore. Linkages are being developed with other foreign institutions for short term training in specialized subjects.

Programs & Courses
This is a master degree program with an aim towards M.Phil. and Ph.D in nursing education and management.

Research Activities

Research Publications of Nursing


Ms. Samina Kausar
  • Associate Professor
  • Post RN, MSN

Ms. Nazia Ilyas
  • Assistant Professor
  • MSN, B.Sc Hons (UK), B.Sc (PU)

Ms. Ruqia Begum
  • Assistant Professor
  • M.Sc (Nursing)

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