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Department of Oral Pathology has been established in University of Health Sciences under the Division of Pathology with a vision to upgrade the science of oral pathology by producing qualified and well equipped graduates who are excellent oral pathologists, good researchers and thorough professionals. The department is currently running two programs; M. Phil and Ph. D (Oral Pathology), that are approved by Pakistan Medical &Dental Council (PM&DC) and Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan.

Programme Outline

Oral Pathology is a specialism both of pathology and of dentistry. Pathology is the laboratory science dedicated to advancing understanding of the causes and nature of disease and histopathology is that branch of pathology involving the study of changes in tissues. The M.Phil/Ph.D in Oral Pathology is concerned with the pathology of diseases and disorders that affect the tissues and organs of the oral cavity and its related structures.

M. Phil program is of 2 years duration while Ph. D duration varies from 2-6 years.


Postgraduate students are the backbone of research in any department. Following is a list of research activities of the department with name of the principal investigator
  1. Morphological Study of Oral Mucosal Changes in Habitual Paan Chewers. Sadaf Waris
  2. A Morphological Study of MASPIN Expression in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma by Dr. Samina Zaheer (Awarded Degree).
  3. Correlation of Mast Cells and Microvascular Density in Oral-Facial Neoplasm by Dr. Ali Tahir (Awarded Degree).
  4. Tumours Associated Macrophages in Orofacial Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Basal Cell Carcinoma by Dr. Ayesha Zulifqar (Awarded Degree).
  5. Corticosteroids Induced Osteo Necrosis of Jaws - An Experimental Study in Rabbits by Dr.Gul Muhammad (Ongoing).
  6. Oral Cytopathological Changes in Habitual Wet Snuff Dippers by Dr. Mohyman Sarfraz .
  7. Pathological Changes in Soft Tissues Associated with Impacted Third Molars by Dr. Rabia Anjum (Awarded Degree).
  8. Gingival Changes in Tuberculous Patients by Dr. Sunnaeyah Waris (Thesis Submitted)
  9. Determination of Cytotoxic T Cells & NK Cells in Papillary Carcinoma and Follicular Adenoma of Thyroid by Dr. Varda Jalil.
  10. Expression of Matrix Metalloproteinase in BCC & SCC. Rabia Safdar
  11. Oral Mucosal Changes in the Patients of HIV/AIDS with or without ART by Dr. Saima Qadir (Awarded Degree).
  12. Morphological Changes Induced in Oral Mucosa of Rabbits by Dental Curing Light Emitting Diode (LED) by Dr. Abdul Khaliq (Awarded Degree).

Research Publications of Oral Pathology

1. Ali Tahir, Abdul Hannan Nagi, Ehsan Ullah and Omer Sefvan Janjua. The role of mast cells and angiogenesis in well-differentiated oral squamous cell carcinoma. Journal of Cancer Research and Therapeutics - July-September 2013 - Volume 9 - Issue 3. P: 387-391. (IF: 0.949)

2. Ehsan Ullah, Raees Abbas Lail, A H Nagi, M. Ashraf. Angiogenesis and Mast Cell Density as Predictor of Survival and Outcome in Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Lung. Journal of cancer research and therapeuticsOct-Dec 2013; Vol 9 (4): (IF: 0.83).

3. Saima Qadir, Nadia Naseem, AH Nagi. Oral Mucosal Changes in Patients with HIV/AIDS Before Starting Antiretroviral Therapy. Journal of Pakistan Association of Pathologists 2013; 5: 310-311.

4. Saima Qadir, Nadia Naseem and A.H. Nagi. Oral Mucosal Changes in Patients of HIV /AIDS Taking Antiretroviral Therapy in Pakistan. J CytolHistol 2014, S4:2.(IF: 1.126)

5. Sadia Minhas, Nadia Naseem, A.H Nagi. Oral Lesions Associated with Concomitant Chemoradiotherapy in Patients with Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Pakistan. Journal of Oral Health and Dental Management 2014;2:168. (IF: 1.23)

6. Abdul Khaliq, Nadia Naseem, A.H Nagi. Morphological Changes in Oral Mucosa of Rabbits Induced by Light Emitting Diode (LED) Used as Dental Curing Light. Journal of Oral Health and Dental Management 2014;2:156.(IF: 1.23)

7. Saima Qadir, Nadia Naseem, A.H. Nagi. Oral Mucosal Changes in Patients of HIV /AIDS Taking Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) in Pakistan. Journal of Oral Health and Dental Management 2014;2:108-9.(IF: 1.23)

8. Rabia Anjum, Nadia Naseem , A.H Nagi. Clinicopathological Characteristics and Expression of CD 10 in Soft Tissue Lesions Associated With Impacted Third Molar. Journal of Oral Health and Dental Management 2014;2:165.(IF: 1.23)

9. Sunnaeyah Waris, Nadia Naseem, A.H Nagi. Histopathological Changes in Gingival Tissue of Patients Having Pulmonary Tuberculosis (TB) In Pakistan. Journal of Oral Health and Dental Management 2014;2:171.(IF: 1.23)

10. Waris S, Nagi AH (2014) Epithelial Dysplasia in Oral Mucosa and its Association with Betel Quid Chewing. J Cytol Histol 5: 258. (IF: 1.126)

11. Zaheer, S. & Nagi, A. H. (2014) Subcellular Expression of Mammary Serine Proteinase Inhibitor (MASPIN) in Locally Advance Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma. J Interdiscipl Histopathol, 2 , 213-216.

12. Rabia Anjum, Nadia Naseem, A.H Nagi. Age, Gender and Pattern Distribution of Impacted Third Molar among the Patients Attending Teaching Hospital of Lahore. PJMHS, Vol. 8, Issue 3, July-Sep 2014. 562-565

13. Ali Tahir, Abdul Hannan Nagi, Ehsan Ullah. Role of Mast Cells and Angiogenesis in Different Histological Types of Ameloblastoma. Rawal Medical Journal Oct-Dec 2014, VOL. 39, No. 4 P: 395-398.

14. Rabia Anjum, Nadia Naseem, Mohammad Usman Ahktar, A.H Nagi. Pathological Changes in Soft Tissue Associated with Impacted Third Molars. Int. J. Pathol 2014; 12(2):69-73. (HEC category Y)

15. Muhammad Kashif, Muhammad Ishfaq, A.H Nagi. Expression of Prostanoid EP3 Receptor in Oral Squamous Epithelium and Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Pathology Research International Vol. 2015. P: 1-7.

16. Muhammad Kashif, Abdul Hannan Nagi, Nadia Naseem, Muhammad Ishfaq. Expression of Prostanoid EP3 Receptor in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Oral Surgery Oral Medicine Oral Pathology Oral Radiology. 2015. Volume 119, Issue 3, Page 109

17. Saima Qadir, Nadia Naseem and A.H.Nagi. Relationship of Oral Clinic-Cytological Mucosal Changes with Oral Hygiene and Socioeconomic Status in HIV/AIDS Patients. PJMHS 2015; 9 (1);296-298

18. Saima Qadir, Nadia Naseem, AH Nagi. Presence of various fungi in the oral smears of HIV / AIDS patients. PODJ 2015; 35 (1):36-38. (HEC category X)

19. Wali Dad, Nadia Naseem, Maryam Rashid, A.H Nagi.Clinical Lesions Of Oral Mucosa In Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Vol. 9, Issue 1, Jan - Mar 2015


Dr. Nadia Naseem
  • Professor (Histopathology) / Head of Department
  • MBBS, M. Phil, Ph. D

Dr. Saima Chaudhry
  • Assistant Professor (Oral Pathology)
  • BDS, Ph.D Oral Pathology

Dr. Rabia Anjum
  • BDS, M. Phil
  • Teaching Research Fellow

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