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Registration Department


University of Health Sciences was established on September 28, 2002 as an intellectual nexus for the medical & health education. The department of Registration was the first department to be operational being gateway to privileges of the University.

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The working of Registration department is a combination of the following activities:

The registration is the process of acquisition of privileges of the University by a student enrolled in academic courses at its campus as well as Constituent / Affiliated Institutions. The department of Registration establishes the bonafides of students by verifying their antecedents and eligibility on the basis of requisite academic qualifications. This department maintains fully computerized records of the registered students. Click here to see Registration Regulations

Coordinate the Functioning of Statutory Bodies

The department coordinates the functioning of all the statutory bodies of the University. The department is involved in supporting the functions of decision making bodies by convening meetings, preparing working paper for the meetings, and disseminating the decisions of these bodies for implementation. Details of such statutory authorities / bodies is given below

Governing Bodies Committee Board of Studies


UHS Ordinance 2002 entrusted the responsibility of Medical Education in Punjab province solely with UHS by stating that all medical institutions whether in public or private sector, located within the geographical boundaries of the province of Punjab shall affiliate with the University. UHS is extremely conscious of maintaining the standards of medical education and affiliation is a sensitive matter with a tremendous impact on medical and health education. Since the promulgation of the Ordinance, there has been an incessant flow of requests for affiliation with UHS. The affiliation requests are entertained after in-depth analysis and carefully assessing the credentials of the affiliation seeking institutions. Click the following links to see


Department of Registration is the communication hub of the University. Institutions, students, and organizations approach the department to seek information about regulations, assistance and guidelines.


Migration is a process of transfer of credits earned by a student at a recognised institution to another such institution within the country as well as abroad. Migration process is governed by UHS regulations for migration

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the process of registration?
  See the Registration process
Q: What is the process for migration?
  See the Migration process
Q: Which Institutions are affiliated with UHS?
  See the list of affiliated institutes

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