Postgraduate students are the backbone of research in any department. Following is a list of research activities of the department with name of the principal investigator

  1. Morphological Study of Oral Mucosal Changes in Habitual Paan Chewers. Sadaf Waris
  2. A Morphological Study of MASPIN Expression in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma by Dr. Samina Zaheer (Awarded Degree).
  3. Correlation of Mast Cells and Microvascular Density in Oral-Facial Neoplasm by Dr. Ali Tahir (Awarded Degree).
  4. Tumours Associated Macrophages in Orofacial Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Basal Cell Carcinoma by Dr. Ayesha Zulifqar (Awarded Degree).
  5. Corticosteroids Induced Osteo Necrosis of Jaws – An Experimental Study in Rabbits by Dr.Gul Muhammad (Ongoing).
  6. Oral Cytopathological Changes in Habitual Wet Snuff Dippers by Dr. Mohyman Sarfraz .
  7. Pathological Changes in Soft Tissues Associated with Impacted Third Molars by Dr. Rabia Anjum (Awarded Degree).
  8. Gingival Changes in Tuberculous Patients by Dr. Sunnaeyah Waris (Thesis Submitted)
  9. Determination of Cytotoxic T Cells & NK Cells in Papillary Carcinoma and Follicular Adenoma of Thyroid by Dr. Varda Jalil.
  10. Expression of Matrix Metalloproteinase in BCC & SCC. Rabia Safdar
  11. Oral Mucosal Changes in the Patients of HIV/AIDS with or without ART by Dr. Saima Qadir (Awarded Degree).
  12. Morphological Changes Induced in Oral Mucosa of Rabbits by Dental Curing Light Emitting Diode (LED) by Dr. Abdul Khaliq (Awarded Degree).