UHS Debates Society


Conflict is everlasting. One cannot fathom a world devoid of disagreement. Hence, healthy debate and discussion is necessary in the field of conflict management, especially for those related to healthcare, since their jobs rescue lives. I believe that the power of voice is remarkably dominating, and those who have the skills of public speaking, conflict resolution, and leadership, are those who govern the world. It is my dream to contribute more Pakistani public speakers to this conflicting world, who will emerge as pious, honest, and just world leaders.


To equip students with the skills of public speaking, argumentation, persuasion, and confidence that will assist them in all fields of life.


The mission is to produce effective, confident public speakers and debates under the UHS flag who will specialize in healthcare, and later become innovators in this field. Healthcare systems in Pakistan are suffering because of foundational and time-relevant errors, since we have been unable to adopt the advanced medical practices of the world. UHS Debates Society wishes to debate regarding many healthcare domains, which include social, cultural, organizational, and other aspects. In this process, the students will be exposed to the university culture of many institutions in various competitions, forums, and MUNs.


To amplify the voice of youth!


  • Provide the needed setting for effective debating, argumentation, and public speaking.
  • Conduct sessions and seminars to inoculate the skill of public speaking in students.
  • Boost the confidence and willingness to speak in university students.
  • Engage university students with healthcare (and other) topics.
  • Ensure that students learn effective presentation skills for educational purposes.
  • Participate and win in declamation, debate and MUN contests taking place in Pakistan.
  • Conduct successful declamation, debate and MUN contests in UHS.

Rules and Regulations

To maintain discipline, there will be a set of rules and regulations that every member of society must follow. The respective Advisors and Society Office bearers will be responsible and authoritative in this regard.
  • All members must take their Advisors and Society Office bearers (President, Vice President, General and Information Secretary(s).) in confidence. No member is allowed to host, perform, or carry out any activity without the permission and supervision of the aforementioned people.
  • All students are welcome. Hence, there will be no form of discrimination or bias within the student society body.
  • A hospitable, inviting and positive atmosphere will be maintained for UHS Debates Society. Any member having a lack of discipline will not be tolerated.
  • There will be no remarks, practices, or advancements in matters that are sensitive, discriminatory or offensive regarding:
    • Religion
    • Ethics
    • Politics
    • Name-shaming
    • Any other sensitive topic that may cause disruption in UHS.
  • The extracurricular activities and bodies will try to ensure that there are no obstacles in the compulsory curricular activities. Hence, no student is allowed to skip or disregard their academic duties due to the student society. The student society is not responsible and does not allow students to use extracurricular activities as an excuse to overlook education.
  • The UHS Debates Society has been made purely to explore the students' interests and encourage exceptional talents in public speaking. There is no other agenda except to give students a chance to display and excel at their passions and interests.
  • Any matters of contention must be discussed with the Society heads. If not addressed properly, members may contact the advisors.
  • Eligibility Criteria

    All UHS Students (Postgraduates and Undergraduates / Alumni) are Eligible for membership