Undergraduate Programs

Postgraduate Programs

(On Campus)

University of Health Sciences, Lahore is offering Postgraduate level courses in all the disciplines of Medical and Health Sciences. The following are the courses that are offered by University of Health Sciences, Lahore at Postgraduate Level:

Sr #Course/ProgramDuration
1Medical Education (PhD**)2 years
1Anatomy (M. Phil* / PhD**)2 years
2Biochemistry (M. Phil* / PhD**)2 years
3Behavioural Sciences (M.Phil*)2 years
4Forensic Medicine (M.Phil* / PhD**)2 years
5Human Genetics (M. Phil* / PhD**)2 years
6Haematology (M.Phil*)2 years
7Immunology (M. Phil*)2 years
8Microbiology (M. Phil* / PhD**)2 years
9Morbid Anatomy & Histopathology (M. Phil* / PhD**)2 years
10Oral Pathology (M. Phil* / PhD**)2 years
11Pharmacology (M. Phil* / PhD**)2 years
12Physiology (M. Phil* / PhD**)2 years
13Medical Laboratory Sciences (M. Phil*)2 years
14Cellular and Molecular Biology (PhD**)2 years
1Diploma in Family Medicine1 year
2Masters in Family Medicine2 years
3MD Family Medicine4 years
4Masters in Health Professional Education (MHPE)2 years
5Nursing2 years
6Transitional Doctor of Physiotherapy (T-DPT)2 years
*the period can be extended to 3 years in individual cases on recommendation of supervisor & head of the department.

**the minimum period for completion of PhD shall be of 2 years& the maximum period shall be 6 years.

(Offered by UHS at its Affiliated Institutions)

Postgraduate Diplomas
Sr #Course/ProgramDuration
1Diploma in Medical Jurisprudence (DMJ)2 years
2Diploma in Tuberculosis and Chest Disease (DTCD)2 years
3Diploma in Psychological Medicine (DPM)2 years
4Diploma in Medical Radiology (Therapeutics) (DMRT)2 years
5Diploma in Ophthalmic Medicine & Surgery (DOMS)2 years
6Diploma in Laryngology and Otology (DLO)2 years
7Diploma in Cardiology (Dip-Card)2 years
8Diploma in Child Health (DCH)2 years
9Diploma in Clinical Pathology (DCP)2 years
10Diploma in Medical Radiology (Diagnostic) (DMRD)2 years
11Diploma in Gynecology and Obstetrics (DGO)2 years
12Diploma in Anesthesia (DA)2 years
13Diploma in Assisted Reproductive Techniques (DART)2 years
Sr #Course/ProgramDuration
1Master of Hospital Management (MHM)1 year
2Master of Maternal & Child Healt (MMCH)1 year
3Masters in Public Health (MPH)1 year
4M.Sc. Field Epidemiology2 years
Sr #Course/ProgramDuration
1MS (General Surgery)4 years
2MS (Anesthesia)5 years
3MS (Ophthalmology)5 years
4MS (Neurosurgery)5 years
5MS (Orthopaedic Surgery)5 years
6MS (Obst. & Gynae.)5 years
7MS (ENT)5 years
8MS (Plastic Surgery)5 years
9MS (Paediatric Surgery)5 years
10MS (Cardiac Surgery)5 years
11MS (Thoracic Surgery)5 years
12MS (Urology)5 years
Sr #Course/ProgramDuration
1MD (Internal Medicine)4 years
2MD (Dermatology)5 years
3MD (Paediatrics)5 years
4MD (Nephrology)5 years
5MD (Cardiology)5 years
6MD (Radiology)5 years
7MD (Gastroenterology)5 years
8MD (Pulmonology including Tuberculosis)5 years
9MD (Psychiatry)5 years
10MD (Endocrinology)5 years
11MD (Neurology)5 years
12MD (Oncology)5 years
13MD (Radiotherapy)5 years
14MD (Developmental Paediatrics)5 years
Any other subject recommended by AS&RB from time to time & approval by the Syndicate.
Sr #Course/ProgramDuration
1M.D.S. Operative Dentistry4 years
2M.D.S. Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery4 years
3M.D.S. Orthodontics4 years
4M.D.S. Periodontology4 years
5M.D.S. Prosthodontics4 years
Sr #Course/ProgramDuration
1M. Phil (Chemical Pathology)2 years
2M. Phil (Haematology)2 years
3M. Phil (Microbiology)2 years
4M. Phil (Anatomy)2 years
5M. Phil (Physiology)2 years
6M. Phil (Pharmacology)2 years
7M. Phil (Biochemistry)2 years
8M. Phil (Community Medicine)2 years
9M. Phil (Morbid Anatomy &Histopathology)2 years
10M. Phil (Forensic Medicine)2 years
11M. Phil (Oral Pathology)2 years
12M. Phil (Science of Dental Materials)2 years
13M. Phil (Oral Biology)2 years