UHS Dramatics and Cultural Society

President's message:

Dramatics and cultural society has always been an important part of my life. This society gives me a chance to learn and appreciate different types of cultures and improve my singing and acting skills. We are a group of devoted and passionate students each with their own mindset and skills to promote the cultural heritage and depends our understanding of it. To achieve this, we believe in continually innovating and exploring different platform in the form of projects, events, singing shows, exhibitions, workshops, festivals and more.

Our Vision:

To provide a platform to promote acting and singing as hobby and to express hidden talents of students and also advertise our institution for its betterment.

Our Mission:

This Society aims to indoctrinate the positive cultural heritage in addition to promote extracurricular educational messages.This society is responsible to provide a plateform to students to conceive and play dramas on different aspects of life. The main objective of this society is to produce excellent and innovative student theatre. Society is dedicated to facilitate the ideas of students encouraging them to take a play and fulfil their vision for it. The society organizes various events of dramas during students week in every semester. The society is also responsible for taking part in the events related to dramas organized by other universities in pakistan.

Our core values:

  • Merit
  • Acceptance
  • Encouragement
  • Professionalism
  • Respect

Aims and Objectives:

Students will be able to;

  • Read drama scripts in English
  • Understand main ideas and details in different kinds of dramatic scripts
  • Improve listening comprehension of different types of spoken texts for main ideas, details and speakers attitudes and emotions
  • Speak on a given topic for an extended period of time in an improvisation
  • Speak clearly enough (pronunciation, stress, intonation) to be understood by classmates and audience
  • Write dramatic scripts for different purposes and audience
  • Formulate, express and defend individual ideas and opinions in an improvisation

Eligibility Criteria

All UHS Students (Postgraduates and Undergraduates / Alumni) are Eligible for membership