The UHS Iqbal And Quran Society has been working for the involvement of the Quran in different aspects of life so that the young generation can understand the true meaning of the Quran. It has been fulfilling its promise of introducing the beautiful face of Islam to not only the students of UHS but also the whole world. Quran And Iqbal Society has been one of the most Informative societies of UHS. It is also the first ever society that has been made in UHS. Quran and Iqbal Society is working to save the heritage of Allamah Muhammad Iqbal. It is working with various other societies to convey the message of Iqbal not only to UHS's students but also to the youth of Pakistan. Society presents a platform for the students to share ideas and grow together. We see this society and its people as a family. I am honored to be a part of a society that supports its members and provides an environment of mutual trust, respect, and exchanging ideas. Syeda Umm e Farwa Kazmi,
President | UHS IQBAL AND QURAN SOCIETY 2021-22 .


UHS Iqbal And Quran Society aims to promote awareness, and understanding of the Quran and Iqbal�s poetry and his perception around the world. Society provides a platform where members can achieve their high goals related to their inner peace.


  • Teamwork
  • Excellence
  • Understanding of Goals
  • Respect
  • Persistence


Increasing the involvement of Islam and the Quran in our society increases the understanding of the Allam Muhammad Iqbal theme.


  • Polish the talent of students
  • Provide a comprehensive picture of the Quran and Islam to the nation
  • Providing a platform for teamwork
  • Provide a wonderful picture of Allamah Muhammad Iqbal's theme "KHUDDI"

Eligibility Criteria

All UHS Students (Postgraduates and Undergraduates / Alumni) are Eligible for membership