IT Achievements

Computing and Services.

Campus-wide computer Network

                     Wireless Internet Services:- 90% of the university campus is covering internet services through the wireless connectivity (i.e. all departments of the university have been linked / connected through wireless access points for providing wireless internet connectivity)

LAN (Local Area Network):

                    All departments of university have been connected through Gigabit Network. There are currently 500+ nodes accessing different services through the network.


                   The university is connected through PERN2 (Pakistan Education & Research Network) and 150Mbps international bandwidth is being extended to all the departments of the university, whereas 15Mbps secondary link is available through the local service provider.

Computer Lab:

                    A dedicated I.T lab has been established with state of the art computing facilities for enabling the students to have hands on training sessions on different technologies.

Web Services:

                   The Web Services ( are provided through in house hosted webservers.

Audio & Visual facilities:

                   The class rooms / workshops have been equipped with the latest audio and visual equipment including multimedia projectors, slide projectors, public address / conference systems and interactive white board technologies.

Video Conferencing:

                   The University has a dedicated video conferencing room equipped with hardware based video conferencing facility for live interaction with international and local participants.

Campus Management Solutions:

                       The indigenous Campus Management Solution is designed to cater the needs of different departments of the university. The solution comprehends all the features relevant to the university and has a complete role based access where in various resources are made available depending upon the role / permission assigned to the end users including:

  •  Student Registration System
  •  User Access Control System
  •  Biometric Attendance System
  •  Online Application System for Students appearing in university exams
  •  Indent Management System (IMS)
  •  Financial Management System (FMS)
  •  Results Portal (
  •  Degree Issuance Portal (
  •  Undergraduate Admissions Portal
  •  Jobs Management Portal


       The MBBS / BDS admissions have been centralized through the automated software solution for the Entrance Test.


         Learning Management System (LMS) has been deployed by using ‘Moodle’ Services and it has been tailored / customized as per the university requirements. These services are in house hosted and can be accessed through “