Literary Society


UHS Literary Society is a society of students of UHS to encourage & inculcate literary pursuits in them, working under the guidance of its chairman. The society strives to take students to exciting literary events and programs. The Society hosts a range of social events /get-togethers at literary themed value in two languages (Urdu and English). In these events and programs, distinguished literary figures are also invited. It is one of the most extensively dynamic and vibrant societies in the realm of University's extra-curricular activities. Seeking to enhance the students' taste in anything that gyrates around the perception of 'literary' and to provide them with a milieu which promotes interaction between like-minded people in the campus to cultivate a course of action of combined creative exchange and development

President's message:

The foundation of UHS Literary Society is built on three principals:

  • 1- Integrity
  • 2- Diversity
  • 3- Merit

UHS is not just a society working for promotion of literature in UHS, but also a family that stays together during all ups and downs. Here we celebrate each other's joys and share each other's worries. It is a place where you are recognized based your talent and dedication. Here we tend to create a platform that provides everyone with equal opportunities to express ideas and make an impact.

Our Vision:

UHS Literary Society stands firm on the foundation to promote and restore the lost remnants of literary essence in their purest form, and to convey them to the interested masses. With the vision to revive the art of reading with passion, the society aims:

  • To encourage creativity through imagination
  • To augment the students' writing and linguistic skills
  • To scrutinize the delicate tinges of various facets of literature

UHS Literary Society intends to support an appreciation of reading, involvement in engaging discussions, thoughtful considerations of literature and creative writing, as activities which have valuable effects on the society. UHS-LS is devoted to promoting effective communication skills among the students; the society is poised to enable the abilities with cutting edges to develop and polish their literary skills. The society is ambitious to inspire the students to develop a taste for literature and at the same time realize the direction of expanding their horizon of spoken and written languages. The society's involved schema includes a variety of activities aimed at fostering up the confidence and grooming the aptitudes of students in confronting various interactive challenges and competitions.

Additionally, overlooking the literary aspect, the society intends to provide a common ground to form new acquaintances, foster confidence, exchange views, and to encourage a friendly banter to endorse the beauty of different ideas.

Our Mission:

UHS Literary society is an independent professional society, open to scholars, literature admirers, teachers and students around the country. It subsists predominantly to expedite the attempts of a nationwide audience to encourage the efforts of Pakistani writers and artists, budding and professionals alike. The society welcomes the contribution of all who produce content for the study and hopes for productive collaboration between scholars, artists and literary enthusiasts. The UHS-LS as a student run society upholds the primacy of the Pakistani peoples in shaping the future of Pakistani literature and actively supports the Pakistani talent in their quest for achieving literary hallmarks.

Our core values:

  • Accessibility: UHS-LS welcomes all the aspirers of literature, whether they are budding talents in the field or professionals. No matter their age, experience or education, our mission, and vision instills us to facilitate and stay accessible to all the literary addicts across Pakistan.
  • Teamwork: Our teamwork is what defines us. Whether it be for support or inspiration, our success lies in the team solidarity. Our workshops engage students, scholars, and peers in deeply collaborative relationships. We seek opportunities to explore other arts and media with regional and national partners.
  • Creativity: We discover evolving genres and talents, nurture novelty, and embolden experimentation.
  • Community: Writing and reading are primarily solitary pursuits when it comes to literature. UHS-LS provides a place and essence for fellowship among operational and aspirant writers. We offer the readers distinctive ways to discover the writer's style. We summon everyone who values arts and culture to explore the written world. And we support the vibrancy and diversity of the Pakistani artistic culture.
  • Discover: It is our firm belief that literature endows a greater understanding of self and others and thereby inspires consideration and harmony in our society.
  • Merit: UHS-LS is devoted to upkeep the highest potential of each literary aspirant, regardless of his or her goals and talents. We are dedicated to increasing mindfulness of regional and national artists producing high-quality work.

Aims and Objectives:

Study of medicine is tough and usually a medical student passes a stressful life. Cocurricular activities like literary ones bring diversity in the life of a medical student and help them to be fit mentally and socially. Being a students centered society, all its objectives are aimed at grooming of students of UHS to

  • Provide a forum to those students of UHS who have love for literature.
  • Develop self-efficacy and confidence among students.
  • Help them in channelizing their potentials in the right direction & to help them better understand their capabilities.
  • Develop organization skills and persuasive skills.
  • Build confidence in students to be at ease not only professionally but also socially.
  • Help students how to express themselves in a better way.
  • Give opportunities to participate in writing both, prose & poetry & to exhibit their talent in the field of art & drama.
  • The ultimate goal of this society is to help its members in producing their own literary works and to help them publish their work in the "UHS-MAGZINE".
  • Have fun along with work.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Students are expected to treat their fellow members with due respect and diligence.
  • Every member should actively participate in every project assigned to the society and should share their ideas.
  • Students should not engage in any activity that may result in damage to university or the society.
  • All members must place interests of society and the University above those of personal interests.
  • For using any stuff in the society room one must take permission from any office bearer available.
  • In case of any negligence or mishandling the member has to pay fine.
  • Smoking, eating and drinking is not allowed in the society room.
  • The Executive Council, with the approval of head , reserves the right to remove the members from the society for violating the rules.

Future Plans:

  • UHS-Magzine 1st addition
  • Literary Day 2022
  • Quiz and Essay Writing Competition
  • Biat Baazi Competition
  • Iqbal Day
  • Art and Calligraphy Exhibition
  • Patras Bukhari Event
  • Ghazal Goi ka Aalmi Din
  • Inauguration of Book of the month
  • Open Mic Day
InshaAllah besides these, there are many more events we are planning.


  • Official name of society is UHS LITERARY SOCIETY and UHS-LS will be used for quick purpose.
  • Any student of UHS can be member of this society. He/She has to fill the online entrance form.
  • Membership will be terminated if rules are not followed by the person at any time.
  • None of the event can be started without the permission of advisor and president.

Eligibility Criteria

All UHS Students (Postgraduates and Undergraduates / Alumni) are Eligible for membership