Department of Pharmacology is a part of pre-clinical sciences division of University of Health Sciences which makes an integral link between basic medical sciences and clinical sciences. The department supports postgraduate programs (MPhil & PhD) by providing a highly interdisciplinary framework for individual and thematic training programs within both classical and newly emerging areas in the biomedical sciences. We have close ties with other departments within the university and its affiliated colleges and institutions. The department will coordinate and collaborate in training and research with other biomedical national institutions. We have established working linkages with international institutes including Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China and University of Queensland, Australia.


  • To create new biomedical knowledge and to apply the insights gained form basic sciences studies for further advancement in therapeutics strategies
  • To provide solid understanding of basic Pharmacology and to prepare our postgraduates with up to date knowledge of subject
  • To provide the postgraduate students with research environment to improve their research skills
  • To enable them to pursue careers as independent scientists, Pharmacologists and as good research oriented teachers
  • To prepare the postgraduates for life time learning and problem solving skills

Working Facilities

The department has a well-equipped laboratory for training and research work in the field of Pharmacology. The presence of functional Cell-culture lab within the department enables the students of UHS to perform their in vitro experiments. For Molecular Pharmacological experiments we got PCR, Real Time PCR and ELISA.

Future Plans

  • To improve infrastructure and research facilities in Cell-culture lab.
  • To equip the department with such instruments useful for drug testing for providing the quality control services to Pharmaceutical industry
  • To get our students trained from foreign research institutes