UHS Sports and Fitness Society


UHS sports and fitness society was officially announced in November,2022. Since that the society is working to provide Institution with all basic needs of sports and fitness under the supervision of our humble head Dr. Shah Jehan. The society is trying it's best to provide students with the different sport opportunities so that they can live a healthy and wealthy life.

President's message:

Sports and fitness activities always been a important part of my life. They make me punctual, obedient and well-disciplined. All the members of this society represent a specific game. As we all know that sports activities are basic need of our every person's life as it makes us strong and fit. It helps one to remain a healthy life. So, I ask every student to participate in these activities with full zeal and avail different opportunities through this platform.

Our Vision:

To provide an opportunity to students to show their talents in sports and athletes fields as well as to maintain their health.

Our Mission:

The mission is to enhance the sports skills of students and gave them courage for different tournaments inside and outside the institute. The mission is to make sports a part of participants lives as sport is useful for personality development as well as a useful tool for socialization.

Aims and Objectives:

  • Provide equipment for sports and fitness.
  • Organize different tournaments inside the university.
  • Organize different sports event to encourage the students to take part in it.
  • Organize sports and athletics tournaments with other universities and institutions to advertise our university in sport's field.
  • Organize practice sessions to improve the student's sports skills.
  • Provide gym equipment for physical health.
  • Enhance the ability to accept lose.

Eligibility Criteria

All UHS Students (Postgraduates and Undergraduates / Alumni) are Eligible for membership