About UHS

Functions of the Directorate of Postgraduate Studies

1. Registration

a. Facilitation for registration of post graduate students of all affiliated institutions and on campus programs

b. Working with Registration Department for compliance with the university regulations regarding registration.

c. Verification of the documents of all candidates

d. Addressing queries of students/institutions/departments.

2. Research

· Synopses Submission and Evaluation:

a. Receipt of Synopses from facilitation centre

b. Issuance of sequence number to the synopses

c. Verifying the completeness and compliance of synopses with the standard regulations of UHS.

d. Scheduling Institutional Review Board/Specialty Advisory Committee meetings for synopses review.

e. Issuance of Agenda to committee members, supervisors, and students.

f. Compilation of minutes and issuance of decision letters.

g. Maintenance of record

h. Addressing queries of the students/supervisors/departments regarding synopsis(es).

i. Continuous monitoring of the research progress till its completion.

j. Ensuring timely completion of research and submission of thesis.

· Thesis Submission and Evaluation:

a. Coordination with Examination department for submission and evaluation of thesis to ensure adherence to timelines.

3. Co-ordination of Mandatory/Other Workshops

a. Issuance of Calendar of workshops from competent authority in collaboration with Medical Education Department.

b. Co-ordination with Medical Education Department for conducting mandatory workshops.

c. Enrollment and placement of students in workshops.

d. Maintenance of relevant record

4. Monitoring Academic Progress of Students

a. Implementing systems for tracking the academic progress of postgraduate students throughout their studies according to the stipulated timelines e.g. workshops, clinical rotations, examinations and completion of research work.

b. Identifying and addressing any issues related to student’s performance.

c. Ensuring timely clinical rotations of students in collaboration with medical institutions.

d. Ensuring compliance with program and accreditation requirements.

e. Maintaining databases/records or systems to track student participation in studies, clinical rotations, and other relevant activities.

f. Communicating with faculty, students, and departments/institutions regarding monitoring activities and requirements.

g. Providing support and guidance to students as needed.

h. Receiving feedback for supervisors and students for improvement purpose.