Future Plans

  • To create a fool proof security system having inbuilt potency and flexibility to forestall any potential hazard. The present security arrangements will be upgraded. The system must integrate and coordinate within the security posts/security personnel for safe guarding and pre empting any potential security risk.

  • As in near future more number of private medical colleges, dental colleges, para medical institutes and nursing institutes would be affiliated with UHS, therefore, frequency of examinations and movement of Affiliation Committee would increase. Moreover, in order to constantly ensure that the entire examination process is transparent and methodical the urgency to have integral transport has increased for transportation of examination material to the out station colleges/UHS. As labs of basic health sciences i.e Anatomy, Pathology and Physiology are being established, therefore, for research and Ph.D students and visit of hospitals, the requirement of additional vehicles has increased. The ambulance is also a definite requirement for conveyance of patients from different hospitals for examination/analysis by Postgraduate students. To fulfill the above requirement new transport would be purchased.

  • Development of new campus at Kala Shah Kaku.