• Information and Reception Centre

In order to provide prompt and accurate information to the students, Information cum Reception centre is functioning at the UHS. The complete information about the Human resource function, Registration process, Examination schedules and the Results of different examinations is always readily available. The students are facilitated to seek information through following two telephone numbers and may also visit the centre.

UAN: 111-333-366 Ext. No. 315

  • HR Department

Regulates Human Resource Management system, initiate cases for appointments, postings, transfers and extension in service, and regulates the HR Policies and procedures.

  • UHS Degree Cell:

In order to provide MBBS, BDS and Postgraduate Degrees prior to the convocation on a special request to the fresh graduates and to prepare degrees for the convocations of the respective colleges, the Administration & HR Department also handles the Degree Cell. The Registrar and the DG/ Dir (Admin & HR) are responsible for the joint safe custody of the Blank degrees. The final typing and handing/dispatch of degrees to the respective awardees is also performed by this Department.

  • UHS Regional Offices:

The UHS has established its Regional Offices at Quaid-e-Azam Medical College Bahawalpur, Nishtar Medical College Multan, Punjab Medical College Faisalabad, Rawalpindi Medical College Rawalpindi and fifth office has been established at Sheikh Zahi Medical College Rahim Yar Khan. The Admin & HR Dept continuously provides all logistics support including dispatch and receipts of Answer books/examination material by the examination department to these regional offices and also regularly coordinates other administrative activities

  • UHS As An Examination Centre:

Since October, 2003, MBBS & BDS & Postgraduate examinations are also being regularly held at UHS, which is also a centre. On examination day, the entire UHS premises are declared as Examination Premises. This department is providing all the required support for the smooth conduct of examinations amid highly disciplined, secure and conducive environments.

  • Security Cover:

An integral security section for UHS has been raised. The highly professional, alert and disciplined security personnel are performing dual functions i.e. the normal security cover outside and inside the university main building and more importantly, contributing towards following aspects having inward focuses also: –

  • Security & secrecy of Question Papers and Answer Books during all the stages of handling and shifting.
  • Round the clock security of Secrecy Section, Tabulation Section and Paper Setters Room.
  • Outer security covers of the Examination Halls at UHS.