Haematology deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of blood and bone marrow as well as of the immunologic, hemostatic (blood clotting) and vascular systems. Because of the nature of blood, the science of Haematology profoundly affects the understanding of many diseases.

The Department of Haematology is an integral part of the pathological sciences division clinical subject at the University of Health Sciences, with a strong interdisciplinary approach, focuses on developing and delivering quality postgraduate and undergraduate programs. The department provides an excellent environment for undergraduate and postgraduate studies, attempts to integrate molecular and cellular approaches to Hematological studies.

Program Mission:

  • To produce skilled manpower at BS/M. Phil/PhD level in the subject of Haematology and Transfusion Medicine which will subsequently serve the society by diagnosing the Hematological and Blood Transfusion disorders as well as they will be excellent teachers and dedicated researchers.
  • They should be able to set new standard in high quality teaching and research in the area of Haematology and Transfusion medicine and they should be able to inculcate world class research culture amongst students and faculty members.

Program Objectives:

M. Phil/PhD Program:

  • The main objective of the M. Phil/PhD Program in Haematology department is to produce a high-quality professional with following outcomes:
  • To enhance the basic understanding of the subject so that they can diagnose Hematological disorders.
  • To inculcate the utilization of new knowledge and technologies and their adoption according to local conditions.
  • To establish effective collaboration with other institutes and research centers for the benefit of the post-graduates to harness new technologies and to increase their vision.
  • To enable the post-graduates to present their research findings effectively at National/International forums.
  • To pursue higher studies in any international university of high repute.

BS Transfusion Medicine Program:

  • To prepare a cadre of transfusion technologists and workers who can effectively assist senior health professionals in the delivery of quality blood transfusion services.

  • To introduce and impart standard technical education with new modern techniques, within the fields of blood banking.

  • To provide transfusion technologists a status and recognition in the health care delivery system through improving their capacity along with increasing awareness of their responsibilities, authority and job description.

  • To equip transfusion technologists with modern skills and the latest technical knowledge and bring them at par with other national and international level.

    Future Plans:

  • Linkages will be developed with foreign institutions both for collaborative research and for short term training of personnel in specialized techniques and procedures in the field of Haematology and Transfusion Medicine.

    Teaching Facilities provided by Haematology Department:

    Specializations: areas of teaching, training and research:

    1) Red cell disorders including

    • Nutritional Anemias
    • Haemoglobinopathies
    • Membranopathies

    2) Benign and malignant white cell disorders

    • Leukaemias
    • Lymphomas
    • Myeloproliferative Disorders

    3)Stem cell transplantation

    4) Hemostasis and coagulation disorders

    • Routine coagulation tests
    • Thrombophilia
    • Haemophilia and other bleeding disorders

    5) Transfusion Medicine

  • Blood Grouping
  • Antibody screening
  • Antibody identification and compatibility ?testing
  • Transfusion associated risks factors
  • Teaching is based on:-

    • Lectures
    • Tutorials
    • Journal Club Discussions
    • Individual and Group Presentations
    • Seminars
    • Problem Based Learning (PBL)
    • Practical demonstrations and performance by students
    • Morphology sessions

    Working Facilities provided by Haematology Department:

    • The department has a well-equipped laboratory for undergraduate and postgraduate practicals training and research work
    • Multimedia for presentations
    • Desktop computers and internet for the research and writing of thesis
    • Departmental Library

    Offered Programs:

    Offered Programs by Haematology Department

    Department Name

    Offered Academic Program


    BS Transfusion Medicine

    M. Phil Haematology

    M. Phil MLS (Haematotechnology)

    Ph. D Haematology