Founded in 2021, under the supervision of our honorable advisor Dr. Saqib Mehmood. UHS horticulture society is a long-standing member-based environment conservation and gardening society. Environment is the most crucial aspect for our living, which unfortunately, is being neglected. We at UHS-HS passionately work as a safeguard of our mother nature. Our team educates students and advocates earth friendly and sustainable gardening practice. .

President Message

A society grows great when we plant trees whose shades we may never sit!
I, Zainab Ali, take immense pride in declaring that I would hold the position of President of the UHS Horticulture society. With my immaculate affability, sagacity, and indefatigable efforts, I aim to create a community of passionate individuals working toward the meaningful cause of combatting climate change, and bringing about a positive transition in our community enriching everyone's life through plants and making Pakistan a greener and an exquisite place. Wanna know a little about me Well, I am a Passionate environmentalist with a knack for exceptional eco-friendly decor, a creative mindset, and trendy ideas, one whose immense strength is empathy, resilience, and versatility! To me, nature is art; why not nurture nature?


"Let's bring the earth back to life"
Our vision is a land of sustainable environment. We aimed to enrich everyone's life through plants and by environmental restoration. We work to create a healthy and livable society for all. .


"The first step to change is awareness" Lack of awareness among people is the main reason why our environment is at risk.
  • We'll run awareness campaigns to raise awareness among our fellow citizens.
  • Cleanliness drives
  • Introducing others with 3Rs concept.
  • "To plant a tree is to plant a hope"
  • Completion of Botanical Garden at UHS Jinnah campus KSK.
  • We'll arrange seminars to highlight the importance of herbal medicines in this synthetic era.
  • Looking forward to do our best in making this environment a more livable place.

Eligibility Criteria

All UHS Students (Postgraduates and Undergraduates / Alumni) are Eligible for membership