• Amidst the depleting environmental condition and increasing pollution, we arrange a "Plantation drive at UHS Jinnah campus" in collaboration with Forest Ministry.
  • We organize "Green Day" in collaboration with GYM-UHS, to highlights the importance of nature. In which different competition were held.
  • We arrange "Dry flower arrangement competition" in which our medical students showed their artistic talents.
  • Recently, we have signed a MOU with GCU Lahore, in which both universities joined hands to work together in establishment of a Botanical Garden at UHS Jinnah campus.
  • GCU Lahore also organized a short tour to their Botanical Garden at Bagh-e-Jinnah, for us.
  • Conducted a seminar in which, Minister of environment conservation, Zarjat Gul address students about how to control pollution.