National & International Workshops


1Col. Dr. Asif Hashmi, Prof. Imtiaz Rasool, Prof. Dr. Rukhsana Zuberi, Dr. Aftab Mohsin2-3 May 20051st workshop on TEACHING, LEARNING & EVALUATIONNational
2Col. Dr. Asif Hashmi, Dr. Arshad Taqqi, Prof. Imtiaz Rasool, Prof. Dr. Rukhsana Zuberi6-7 June 20052nd workshop on TEACHING, LEARNING & EVALUATIONNational
3Prof. Abdul Ghaffar23 June 20051st workshop on WRITING MCQsNational
4Dr. Amanullah Khan, Dr. Sarah Saleem, Dr. M Ashraf Iqbal & Prof. Yaseer Hashmi6-7 July 2005RESEARCH METHODOLOGYNational
5Prof. Abdul Ghaffar26 July 20052nd workshop on WRITING MCQsNational
6Prof. Abdul Ghaffar11 Nov 20053rd workshop on WRITING MCQsNational
7Dr. Amanullah Khan, Dr. Shakeela Zaman14-17 Nov 2005PGMI Workshop INational
8Prof. Javed Raza Gardezi Col. Dr. Asif Hashmi18-19 Nov 2005FACILITATION Workshop I for Prospective Master TrainersNational
9Prof. Javed Raza Gardezi, Prof. Sohail Khurshid Lodhi25-26 Nov 2005FACILITATION Workshop II for Prospective Master TrainersNational
10Prof. Rachel Jenkins from Kings College London5 9 Dec 2005RESEARCH METHODS IN BIOMEDICAL SCIENCESInternational


2Brig. Dr. Muwaddat Rana14-15 Feb 2006Workshop on BEHAVIOURAL SCIENCESNational
3Prof. Raja C. Bandaranayke from New South Wales University Australia6-10 March 2006Workshop on ENHANCING TEACHERS SKILLSInternational
4Prof. Clarke Blaine Hazlett from Chinese University Hong Kong10-14 April 2006QUALITY ASSURANCE IN MEDICAL EDUCATIONInternational
5Prof. David A. Cook from University of Alberta, Canada15-19 August 2006Curriculum DevelopmentInternational
6Prof. John Biggs16-17 November 2006Education & Training for Medicine: New Problems, New Responses- A Tool for Professional DevelopmentInternational
7Brig. Mowadat Rana, Dr. Ilyas Mirza, Prof. Fareed Aslam Minhas14-15 December 2006Teaching Strategies in Behavioural SciencesNational


1Prof. Rukhsana W. Zuberi,
Prof. D. S. Akram
5-7 March 2007PBL, Establishing Department of Medical EducationNational
2Prof. Tim Neild
Flinders University, School of Medicine, Adelaide, Australia
26-30 June 2007Integrated Outcomes Based Teaching & Learning ConceptsInternational
3Brig. Mowadat Rana27-28 July 2007Assessment in Behavioural SciencesNational
4Prof. Rukhsana W. Zuberi
Prof. D. S. Akram
13 September 2007Review of Medical EducationNational
5Brig. Mowadat Rana6 October 2007Evaluation in Behavioural Sciences for ExaminersNational


Presently about 200 selected Professors and subject specialists from affiliated Medical Colleges are being trained in the modern evaluation and assessment system through a series of workshops in each discipline at undergraduate level. The details of workshop on OSPE, OSCE and TOACS are as follows;

SrDateSubjectSubject Specialist Resource Person
1Jul 07, 2008AnatomyProf. Liaq H. Siddiqui (NMC)
Prof. Tassaduq H. Sheikh (CMHL,MC)
2Jul 09, 2008PhysiologyProf. Hamid Javed Qureshi (SIMS)
3Jul 11, 2008BiochemistryProf. Nasreen Sharif (CMHL,MC)
4Jul 14, 2008PharmacologyProf. Shahnaz Aftab (CMHL,MC)
Prof. M. Saeed Anwar (AIMC)
5Jul 16, 2008General & Special PathologyProf. Ghazala Jaffery (SIMS)
Prof. Abbas Hayat (RMC)
6Jul 21, 2008Community MedicineProf. Shaheena Manzoor (IPH)
Prof. Mussarat Ramzan (WMC)
7Jul 23, 2008Forensic MedicineDr. Shahid Hanif (AIMC)
Dr. Aamir Bashir (LMDC)
8Jul 25, 2008OphthalmologyProf. Jamshed Nasir (FMH)
Dr. Nadeem Hafeez Butt (AIMC)
9Jul 28, 2008ENTProf. Mohammad Ajmal (RMC)
Prof. Mohammad Amjad (SIMS)
10Jul 30, 2008SurgeryProf. Javed R. Gardezi (SIMS)
Prof. Mehmood Ayyaz (SIMS)
11Aug 01, 2008MedicineProf. Arif Meh. Siddiqui (AIMC)
Prof. Aziz Ur Rehman (SIMS)
12Aug 04, 2008Paeds MedicineProf. Mohammad Ali (SIMS)
Prof. M. Yaqoob Kazi (SIMS)
13Aug 06, 2008Gynae & ObstsProf. Mohammad Tayyab (PGMI)
Prof. Asma Tanvir Usmani (RMC)

These objectives of the DME have been successfully accomplished and have rendered a significant development in quality assurance in medical education throughout the province. The Master Trainers and the trained faculty were entrusted the job of training the faculty in their parent institutes which they are doing successfully and as a result a marked improvement in the academic as well as the research activity of the affiliated Medical/Dental Institutes is expected. UHS has also facilitated establishment of “Departments of Medical Education? in affiliated Medical/Dental institutes, with the help of Master Trainers for the capacity building of their own faculty. These newly established departments are very vibrant at the following institutions namely Allama Iqbal Medical College, Lahore, Nishtar Medical College, Multan , Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad , Quaid-e-Azam Medical College, Bahawalpur , Rawalpindi Medical College, Rawalpindi , Services Institute of Medical Sciences, Lahore , Lahore Medical & Dental College, Lahore , FMH College of Medicine & Dentistry, Lahore , de’ Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore and Sheikh Zayed medical College, Rahim Yar Khan, activities of Medical Education have been started.

During the year 2007, with the help of experts, several new courses were launched including the undergraduate Allied Health Sciences courses and postgraduate diplomas syllabi. The office of Medical Education fostered the development of these programmes by providing an administrative home and technical as well as scholastic support. All these courses were significantly revamped with updating and modification of their duration, course contents, research component and examination pattern and focused primarily on acquisition and demonstration of clinical skills and clinical reasoning ability. The department very successfully accomplished this huge task in a short span of time and now has effectively implemented the courses in M.Phil Programme in Basic Medical Sciences (10 Disciplines), 2 Years Postgraduate Medical Diploma Programmes (12 Disciplines), 4 Years Degree Programmes (BSc. Hons.) in 14 disciplines of Allied Health Sciences in the accredited medical and dental institutes. Recently a new subject of Behavioural Sciences has been introduced into the curriculum of all Medical, Dental and Allied Health Sciences programmes at both undergraduate and post graduate level.

Department of Medical Education is also in deep liaison with other Universities Departments of Medical Education at National and International levels.

Department of Medical Education is taking candid interest in the quality assurance in Medical Education. For this, last workshop had been designed with the title of; “Quality Assurance in Medical Education?

The Cell of Continuous Professional Development and Audit (CPDA) has a close IT link with multiple resource centers for facilitations of research activities, project proposal writing, and investigation work. Example is establishment of Research Resource Center for Undergraduates at PMC, Faisalabad, under guidance of Department of Medical Education, UHS, Lahore.

Department of Medical Education has also designed and implemented Continuing Medical Education Programme through Continuous Professional Development Cell. This Cell is introducing the concept of CME/CPD in Pakistan and establishes a highly flexible, friendly, and facilitatory system of CME/CPD for teachers and trainers.


International Workshops

In addition a series of workshops were organized which were facilitated by international faculty visiting University of Health Sciences, Lahore from abroad. The details as follows:



    1. Teaching & Reasearching

    1. Critical Thinking

  1. Reflection
Prof. Hazelet Howden Leach
Prof. Dr. lan Willis.
University of Liverpool, UK
Primary CareProf. John. S. BiggsAustralia
12.03.2011Chairing A CommiteeProf. John. S. BiggsAustralia
Medical EthicsProf. John. S. BiggsAustralia
Medical EthicsProf. John. S. BiggsAustralia
Medical EthicsProf. John. S. BiggsAustralia
Developing Best Practices in Medical Education at UHSProf.Janet Strivens
Prof. Dr. Ian Willis
University of Liverpool, UK
    1. Teaching & Reasearching

    1. Critical Thinking

  1. Reflection
Prof.Janet Strivens
Prof. Dr. Ian Willis
University of Liverpool, UK
E. LearningProf. Paul DuvalUniversity of Liverpool, UK