Educational Activities

Educational Activities during 2009-2010

Vice Chancellor University of Health Sciences Lahore declared 2009 as year of ‘Medical Education’ in which educational activity was planned for faculty development of the UHS affiliated Medical and Dental institutions in Punjab of both public and private sector. Three batches, each of 35 participants were selected to undergo training in the form of workshops in following areas:-

  1. Construction of MCQs, SEQs
  2. OSPE & Oral Assessment
  3. Curriculum Development
  4. Teaching Believes
    Structuring of Examination
    Assessment of Ethics and Professionalism
  5. PBL (Problem Based Learning)
  6. Presentation Skills
  7. Facilitation / Communication Skills
  8. Research Methodology & Biostatistics
  9. Integrated Medical Education
  10. Teaching Believes

PECPT-Phase II (Professional Competency Enhancement Program for Teachers)A high-level training program has been organized for medical teachers under the initiative of National Academy of Higher Education of HEC. Renowned teachers are conducting this teaching program ar UHS campus on the following topics:-

  1. Teaching as a Profession
  2. Academic Planning & Management
  3. Curriculum and Assessment
  4. Learning Psychology
  5. Andragogical Skills
  6. Communication Skills
  7. Research Methods & Skills


Educational Activities during 2010-2011

Curriculum Development

  • The department of medical education has now developed curricula in 26 different MD & MS Programmes conducted at PGMI Lahore & UHS affiliated medical institutions. These curricular documents are prepared with the help of experts in each discipline and are based on a structured, year wise educational & training programme in the relevant basic medical sciences in the 1st year of enrolment along with education in Internal Medicines in all M.D. programmes and General Surgery in all M.S. Programmes during 1st & 2nd year with evaluation at the and of second year. The specialty training along with Research component is taken from the 3rd year onward of the programme after passing Part-I and Part-II examination. This is for the first time in history of medicine in our country that a document of structured, supervised educational & training programme is available in each discipline. Behavioural Sciences, Research Methodology & Biostatistics is an essential component of Part-I education.
  • The Range of M. Phil Programmes have been extended to include chemical Pathology, Haematology, Forensic Medicine, Behavioural Sciences and Human Genetics. The candidates have already started undergoing training in these additional discipline in the University & PGMI in relevant departments
  • A new diploma has been introduced on “Assisted Reproductive Techniques? considering the need today of such an educational programme. This programme is carried out at some of UHS affiliated private sectors medical institutions

Revisit & Review of OSPE

This pattern of practical exam of undergraduate Medical & Dental Professional examinations was introduced 3 years back. After obtaining enough feedback form all relevant quarters, the Academic Council of UHS in its last meeting decided and directed department of medical education to revisit & review the entire OSPE pattern. For this purpose Faculty Committee Meetings were arranged at UHS, Lahore in each discipline of basic and clinical sciences in the month of June, 2011. During these meetings the OSPE pattern was thoroughly reviewed and discussed. Each Faculty Committee constituted a sub committee to:-

  • Formulate recommendation on OSPE pattern.
  • To convert the syllabus in the discipline into curriculum document with special emphasizes on general educational objective, specific learning outcomes, skills and competencies to be achieved by each candidate at the end of education in the discipline.

A period of 2-3 months was allowed to complete this exercise for placing the final recommendations in each discipline before competent bodies of the University.

Faculty Development Programme

Capacity building of the faculty is a regular feature of UHS. This is achieved by organizing workshops for selected members of the faculty of all the affiliated institutions, both public & private. Uptil now following workshops have held this year:-

  • Presentation Skills:
Prof. Arif Rasheed Khawaja
  • Medical Ethics:
Prof. John Biggs
  • Communication Skills:
Dr. M Javaid
  • Evaluation System:
Prof. Amer Bashir

Health Professions Education

A programme at master’s level is being developed at UHS in medical education with the help of national experts in this field. This programme is extremely important & vital for the future development of medical education in the country.
At the same time an MOU have been signed by UHS, Lahore and University of Liverpool (England) to introduced a joint degree programme in ‘Learning and Teaching ( Medical Education).This programme will be conducted by visiting facility from UOL on site, associated with distance learning and assignments, followed by an educational research project and thesis writing.
The faculty from UOL visited UHS in the month of June 2011 and conducted an educational programme for one week on Critical Thinking, Reflection, E. learning and Educational Research. A conference held at UOL in medical education was also attended by UHS delegate to promote the planning and development in this direction. The idea of joint degree programme was endorsed and other relevant issues were settled.
Presently UHS, Lahore is seriously considering whether to introduce both these programmes separately or should see the possibility of merging them together in a single degree programme.

Family Medicine

Education and training in family medicine is completely non-existent at university level. UHS for the first time is developing a programme in family medicine at Diploma (2 years programme) and degree levels (4 years programme). In this connection Prof. John Biggs (Australia) visited UHS, Lahore to stream line the programme. Who held workshops, lectures & Seminars with family physicians early this year. The recommendations and curricula are being finalizeds by a stearing committee in family medicine, under the guidance of Prof. John Biggs. These programmes are expected to start from this academic year after approval from different statutory bodies of the university.