About UHS


Research into the science of happiness and wellbeing is at the heart of our Centre. Two ongoing research projects include:
1- Epidemiology of Happiness in Punjab, Pakistan
2- Impact of Education-Entertainment on Psychological Well-Being of Youth of Pakistan
   (In collaboration with The University of Punjab Lahore)

Our future research topics include:
1- National Survey of Happiness and Well-Being
2- Psychological Well-Being and Health Outcomes

Academic Programs

The Centre of Happiness and Well-Being, in collaboration with Medical Education Department, intends to start post-graduation in the form of certificates, diplomas and master in the field of psychology, nutrition, primary care and health research. The first program, after seeking statutory bodies approval, will be:

Post Graduate Diploma in Health Research
One Year Modular Diploma with taught sessions in advanced qualitative ,quantitative and mixed method research along with a research project to be completed followed by a dissertation and a publication in areas of population well-being , mental health, nutrition or health care.