About UHS

Health Services

The Centre of happiness and wellbeing is committed to delivering high-quality health care in the preventive, therapeutic, rehabilitative, and palliative domains of health. The center has a family medicine clinic which is equipped with the following resources:

  1. Ambulance
  2. AED
  3. Oxygen cylinders and Ambu bags
  4. Emergency Trolley with medicines
  5. BP apparatus, Pulse Oximeter, and other diagnostic tools
  6. Spirometer
  7. Nebulizer
  8. Weight and height machine
  9. Emergency Treatment Room with the patient monitor

The Centre also has a dental unit, nutrition consulting room with a weight and height machine, physical therapy consultation room, and a fitness studio. The Centre will be equipped with a daycare unit for working mothers. Centre of Happiness and Wellbeing aims to achieve the following target by the end of 2021:

  1. Employee health screening and diagnostic tests for wellness including communicable diseases
  2. Digital health record of all the employees and the students with a special focus on confidentiality
  3. Immunization for infectious diseases
  4. Dental screening and assessment of all the employees
  5. Employee fitness training program
  6. First aid and health awareness session for staff and students

Clinical Guidelines

Covid-19 guidelines

Clinical Management Guidelines for COVID-19 infections_1201.pdf

Hypertension in adults NICE guidelines