About UHS

Centre for Happiness and Well-Being was envisioned and inaugurated by Former Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr. Tasadduq Hussain Jillani on 8th of November, 2020 at Jinnah Campus UHS during the tenure of Vice Chancellor Prof. Javed Akram.


To be a Centre of Excellence for enabling people to live a happier, healthier and successful life

Mission Statement 

To improve the quality of life of people through education, training, research and services in arena of health, happiness and well-being


Compassion, Justice, Professionalism 


  1. To create a culture where physical, social  and aesthetic environments promote a sense of well-being and happiness
  2. To develop a wellbeing strategy for the campus community
  3. To make UHS a happier and healthier campus by the provision of high quality health in preventive, therapeutic, rehabilitative and palliative domains
  4. To develop and incorporate physical fitness program for staff and students
  5. To study the existence, nature and attainment of happiness through qualitative and quantitative research 
  6. To develop academic programs related to psychology, sports medicine, nutrition, primary care and health research
  7. To conduct employees, corporate and public training in arena of health and wellness


Components of the Centre:

Centre for Happiness and Well-Being has two main components: First is research, education and training in the arena of psychology, nutrition and population well-being. The second component is services oriented for a healthy and happy campus community. It is structured on the conceptualization of health into physical, psychological and social wellbeing dimensions by the World Health Organization. The physical wellbeing includes Family Medicine clinic, Dentistry, Nutrition and Physical therapy along with a fitness studio. Psychological wellbeing includes student counselling and psychotherapy services. The social wellbeing consists of daycare for working mothers and an art studio.